Clock Tower’s sister company Thirsty Bird is thirsty for experimentation.

Thirsty Bird was set up as Clock Tower’s sister company to broaden the company’s repertoire while still maintaining a focus on new theatre. Clock Tower’s emphasis on new writing is one of its greatest strengths and it opens a huge number of doors to a huge number of people in the South Wales community. But every so often, just every once in a while, it shuts off a door to someone somewhere who wants to put on a bold, new production of an existing text. Thirsty Bird was created to make sure that door stays open.

We’re committed to Clock Tower’s mission of producing new and exciting theatre in South Wales, and we want that to include brave re-imaginings or dramatic reinterpretations of established texts in that too. If you’ve got an idea you want to share or a production you’d like to see put on, get in touch and contact us at – we’re thirsty for new ideas.