The Sunday Night Project was an experimental season of one-act plays performed at the Little Man Coffee Co. in the centre of Cardiff. Once a month we put on a short piece of theatre, and the good folks of the Little Man served up artisanal coffee and excellent cakes to enjoy as you watch. After the first season of The Sunday Night Project, we decided to focus entirely on producing new, original one-act plays and have rebranded the season as ‘Kiln’.

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The Game

May 3rd 2015

Two eldritch figures stand on a great precipice- Life and Death, who play The Game for the fates of those who seek to hurl themselves from that unforgiving perch. As they reminisce upon past victories, a figure appears – the embodiment of youth, a poet. His is the next soul that the two are to play for, and Life appears to have a vested interest in the ideals he embodies. As a young girl, a dancer, appears to jump off the cliff as well, Life hatches a plan to steal them both away from Death.

But, as Death reminds her, the rules cannot be ignored, and The Game must still be played…

Death – Chris Powell
Life – Charlotte Amoss
Youth – Henry Nott
The Girl – Lynsey Gunning

Director – Steve Bennett
Assistant Director – Dan Clements

The Proposal

7th June 2015

In what Chekhov himself called a ‘wretched, boring, vulgar little skit’ that his first director could ‘roll cigarettes out of for all I care’, we bear witness to the proposal of Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov, a well-to-do businessman, understandably nervous and an unfathomable hypochondriac, to Natalya Stepanovna, daughter of Stepan Stepanovitch Chubokov. All is going well… For about three seconds. As petty bickering between these two families escalates and the supposed maladies of Lomov threaten to consume him, this farcical play satirises the notion of marrying for money, instead of love.

Lomov – Jack Muir
Chubukov – Tom Seymour
Natalya – Faebian Averies

Director – Minty Booth
Assistant Director – Philip Jones

A Study in Sterling

5th July 2015

Four unlikely companions find themselves digging for clues in an impressive holiday home. There has been a murder most foul…or so we must assume. The four seem more intent on outsmarting each other than uncovering the truth. Each with their own ulterior motives, the companions resort to whispered bargaining and secret alliances, with information on the murder being used as currency. When young Peter, under the weight of the situation, makes a fatal error he must use any resources he can gather to put his own clues together so that he might earn the much coveted “Reward” for solving the murder.

Josephine – Lynsey Gunning
Patricia – Ruth Everett
Michael – Philip Jones
Peter – Luke Cooper

Director – Steve Bennett
Assistant Director – Jack Muir