Service! Episode 4: Fire Walk

Author: George Infini
Performance Dates: 25th June 2016
Venue: AJ’s Coffee House, Cardiff
Company Notes: ‘Service!’ Is a faced-paced, foul-mouthed, farcical sit-com, written for the stage by George Infini. Set in the restaurant of a four-star hotel, the episodic action follows the never ending duel between two diametrically opposed waiters, who sometimes violently compete for the most unglorious and mundane reasons… In Episode 4: Fire Walk, Steven and Gavin must join forces to beat the evildoers from Conference and Banqueting, culminating in a race against time! And fire…

Performed as part of the Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival 2016.

Stephen – Grant Cawley
Gavin – Sam Harding
Gene – Isabelle Paige
Jackie – Susan Monkton
Marshall – Jonathan Dunn

Directed by Steve Bennett
Produced by George Goding
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