SERVICE! Episode 3: Taking Stock

Author: George Infini
Performance Dates: 21st November 2015
Venue: The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff
Company Notes: Have you ever been passed over for promotion at work? By a monumental idiot? Knowing that YOU are better? If so, then Service 3 is the perfect play to help feed petrol to your hate-fire. If not, then you may be the idiot… A hilarious comedy written by George Infini as part of the ‘Service!’ series. Clock Tower and Infini productions have combined forces for Taking Stock after the successes of Infini Production’s Episodes 1 & 2. Service: Episode 3 – Taking Stock was also performed on 21st June 2016 at AJ’s Coffee House as part of the Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival.

Original Cast & Crew
Stephen – Joe Burke
Gavin – Sam Harding
Gene – Isabelle Paige
Sarah – Faebian Averies
Directed by Steve Bennett
Produced by George Goding

Cardiff Fringe Cast & Crew
Stephen – Grant Cawley
Gavin – Sam Harding
Gene – Isabelle Paige
Sarah – Susan Monkton
Directed by George Goding
Produced by Steve Bennett
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