Title: Orpheus

Author: Devised by Clock Tower Theatre Company

Performance Dates: 5th – 6th June 2014

Venue: The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

Company Notes: Clock Tower’s second performance was a collaborative effort that retold the Greek myth of Orpheus in the Underworld, where he petitions Hades, the god of the Underworld, to return his recently deceased wife Eurydice to him. The performance was enhanced with very simple, very moving set and costume design, incorporating original music and film.

Orpheus – Osian Edwards
Past – Minty Booth
Present – Nia DeStefano
Future – Catherine Griffin

Directed by Minty Booth
Produced by Steve Bennett
Designed by Minty Booth
Lighting, Sound & Multimedia Operated by Steve Bennett
Hair & Make-Up by Faye Booth
Branding & Marketing – jonathandunn.net Media Production