KILN Season 3: Your space

The purpose of Kiln has always been to grow and foster new ideas and we’re proud to say we’ve created a bit of a following with Kiln 1 and 2. We’ve read some wonderful scripts, worked with some amazingly talented people, and received some mind-blowingly positive feedback from audiences. We’ve lit the fire, we’ve fanned the flames, now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Kiln 3 is Your Space – your space to grow your ideas. For the first time ever, Kiln will be run as 3 free, 1-month R&D sessions giving 3 new writers the chance to have their scripts worked on by a dedicated director and a cast of talented actors all sourced by Clock Tower, and performed in front of a live audience.

Branding & Marketing – Media Production

Breaking Bud by Susan Kingman

2nd-4th October 2016

Joan’s proud of her geraniums. She’s proud of her whole garden. She can even tell you what flower you are, and what next door’s garden reveals about them.

But she’d rather not talk about her husband, John. Or where he is. Or what is so special about that flower…

A play about the cycle of life and the things we do to keep growing.

Golf Course War Machine by Chris Harris

6th-8th November 2016

Pippa is dazed, hungover and staging her own protest on the roundabout outside the Celtic Manor on the eve of the NATO summit and she’s about to trample down the fence.

Golf Course War Machine is one woman’s battle to place Wales in the centre of the global map.

Secured by Tobias Weatherburn

4th-6th December 2016

It’s newbie Security surveillance officer Micheal’s first shift with veteran officer Alan, who is looking for a new protege. Snacks, stories, and Security. It’s every man’s dream… isn’t it?