Kiln season 2: close space

KILN is now in its second season after the success of Season One: One Space last autumn. We have now expanded it and are putting on two nights of performances, in two different venues across Cardiff. We have three fantastic new plays to audition for this season, Adrift by George Infini, The Railwayman by Will Salter and First Date by Catherine Griffin.

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Adrift by George Infini

1st & 3rd May 2016

Mutiny abounds! Three sailors cast adrift of their vessel in the middle of the vast, lifeless ocean with nothing but a puny raft to cling to and each other’s scintillating conversation for company. They haven’t seen land for days and are struggling to cope with the close proximity they find themselves in. What will kill them first: thirst? hunger? the ocean? wasps?

George Infini is a local writer who has been producing very funny new-writing for a few years in Cardiff. Clock Tower have previously worked on an Infini script before when we produced ‘Service!’ Episode 3: Taking Stock in November 2015.

Mr Henlow – Jack Muir
Mr Roberts – James Auheb
Mr John – Travis Millard-Booth

Director – Steve Bennett
Sponsored by – Blue Daisy Innovation

Special Thanks – Celtic Prop Hire, George Goding, The Little Man Coffee Co., The Gate Arts Centre

The Railwayman by Will Salter

5th & 7th June 2016

It only takes three tall tales to undo the simple lives of George and Esme Lipman. First: the train disaster which brings a strange and wounded railwayman stumbling to their door. Second: Doctor Drebban’s revelation about George’s secret violent mania. Third: the terrible cruelty of a familiar spectre. Three perfect fabrications from a mysterious assassin, each designed to turn the Lipmans against one another and see them utterly destroyed.

Will Salter is a writer, walker, performance artist and creative producer based across Cardiff and Cornwall. His last play – monodrama “Munch’s Scream” – was met with great applause and he is excited to now be collaborating with broader casts and ensembles. “The Railwayman” brings together Will’s love for the absurd and sinister and draws loosely from his research practice in the town of Penryn. This is his first theatrical work to be shown in Wales and initiates a flurry of productions across the rest of 2016.

George – Jack Muir
Esme – Adriana Blue
R – Joe Burke

Director – Minty Booth
Sponsored by – Blue Daisy Innovation

Special Thanks – The Little Man Coffee Co., The Gate Arts Centre

First Date by Cat Griffin

3rd & 5th July 2016

Alex and Stephen both joined Tinder looking for love. After a stream of failed dates and disappointments, their first-date anxiety gets into their head. Will the expectations they feel they have to live up to on their first date prevent them from finding something truly special?

Stephen – Aled Wyn-Thomas
Stephen’s Mind – Tobias Weatherburn
Alex – Karolina Mardyła
Alex’s Mind – Adriana Blue

Director – Steve Bennett
Assistant Director – Joe Burke
Sponsored by – Blue Daisy Innovation

Special Thanks – The Little Man Coffee Co., The Gate Arts Centre