KILN Season 1: One Space

The Kiln Collective brings three new original pieces to the Little Man Coffee Company. As practitioners we can act upon that small voice that, when we walk into a simple room, says ‘no, that will not do’. We have, for your pleasure, three one act, single setting pieces which will take you on a wildly different journey each time, and help you discover the exhilarating potential that one space is capable of.

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Rejection by Jack Muir

4th October 2015

For what seems like forever, Lenny and Sophia’s Grandpa has been dying. Sophia has made it her life’s cause to take care of him and Lenny has devoted himself to milking him for everything his heart desires. This is home. This is their life. How would things change if one day, miraculously, Grandpa got better?

After writing for Clock Tower’s previous project, I am very excited to be handing creative control of Rejection to them. I’m sure something spectacular will come out of the nonsense they have been given.

Lenny – Chris Powell
Sophia – Charlotte Amoss
Grandpa – Tom Seymour

Director – Minty Booth
Assistant Director – Steve Bennett

Staff Room by Lewiss Charles

1st November 2015

Behind that legendary closed door, where your only view in is a brief, smoke filled glimpse of another dimension, is a collection of some of the country’s brightest and sharpest minds coming together to take a break from the fast paced, high tension world of teaching.  Can love find room to grow? Can religion and science share the same intellectual space?  Will anyone ever take the P.E. teacher seriously?

Staff Room is the debut play by Cardiff-based writer Lewiss Charles. Lewiss is a total unknown and could well contribute to the demise of this fresh new theatre company.

Paul Rutherford – Jack Muir
Mark Kimble – Calum Spires
John Lawrence – Tom Seymour
Margaret Battlemuch – Kathryn Burton
Sarah Shankley – Elena Thomas

Director – Steve Bennett
Assistant Director – Sarah Chew
Technical Consultant – Minty Booth

Send in the Clowns by Minty Booth

6th December 2015

Some see the media as a destructive force­ wars are justified, entire demographics are vilified, toxic political rhetoric is pumped into our lives at a near constant race. Who knows this disturbing truth better than the clowns? A once jovial and joyous profession, clowning has become a source of terror for many, thanks to the efforts of modern cinema and television. The Grand Clown Coco, stoic and wise, has called a meeting of the four Great Clowns to address this issue. It becomes clear, however, that there is a traitor in their midst, and this meeting will anything but balloon animals and custard pies…

Minty Booth, personally offended by people who dislike clowns, and drunk on the back of 2014’s Orpheus (a success in that the building it was performed in is still standing) is giving up many evenings with video games to make this thing happen. If you still don’t like clowns after watching it he will fight you.

Coco – Lynsey Gunning
Sad Creamy – Kathryn Burton
Silent Max – Faebian Averies
Spring Tim – Hayley Robinson
Pickle – Minty Booth

Director – Minty Booth
Assistant Director – Dan Clements
Technician – Minty Booth
Makeup – Faye Booth