Author: Rick Allden
Performance Dates: 25th – 26th July 2014
Venue: Porter’s, Cardiff
Company Notes: Death and the Monster was Clock Tower’s first stab at comedy and was performed at the 2014 Cardiff Comedy Festival at Porter’s. The play by local writer Rick Allden tells the story of egotistical anatomist Tobias Flavian and his doting sidekick Colin. He gets a call from Inverness to verify the discovery of a monster from the loch by local entrepreneur, Mr Charnel. Upon arriving they become embroiled in something that’s not including the monster they thought they were going to be dealing with.

Tobias Flavian – Jonathan Dunn
Colin – Tom Phillips
Mr Charnel – Asher Hughes
Fisherman, Urchin, Guard – Henry Nott
Angela – Hari Hodgetts
Maggie – Nerys Rees

Directed by Steve Bennett
Lighting & Sound Operated by Steve Bennett
Costumes by Marigold’s Costumes Ltd
Props by Celtic Prop Hire
Branding & Marketing – Media Production