the world is ending... time for a drink

The apocalypse is coming. The date has been set. The clock is counting down. But what happens when it gets to zero? Will there be a big bang? Will there be fire and brimstone? Well… why not just wait and find out? That’s what two women are doing somewhere in the middle of the desolation. They’ve saved some wine and some food, they’ve got stories and memories, and they’ve even got a few secrets…

Clock Tower Theatre Company are delighted to be working with new Cardiff writer James Sarson and director Miriam Dorfner to bring you ‘Bread’; a story of two women and the apocalypse. Delving into relationships, love, trust, and what we decide to truly keep from those we love, ‘Bread’ is “intimate, revealing and undeniably human - traversing the edge between comedy and horror”.

Most recently Clock Tower Theatre Company enjoyed a fantastic run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with ‘Service!’ we’re incredibly pleased to be returning to Cardiff and getting involved with more local talent.