About Clock Tower Theatre Company

Steve and Minty had regarded the idea of running their own theatre company with an excitable optimism that manifested itself in a year of such phrases as ‘imagine being able to just like, do theatre all the time’, ‘I would love to put on this play, that play, these two plays mashed into one, maybe something about mice?’, and ‘oh we could get business cards!’ since they both graduated university in 2012. A trip to the Edinburgh Festival ignited the kindling of those idealistic musings and in August 2013, Clock Tower Theatre Company was born. Fast forward today and Clock Tower Theatre Company is still going strong, with a slew of high quality performances and interactive workshops under its belt.

Steve Bennett

Executive Producer

Steve’s passion for Theatre began with his involvement in the Salisbury Playhouse Youth Theatre, Stage 65. His first script was co-written with a friend met during their time there, and Steve later went on to direct this piece in 2010.

During his school years, Steve’s love of the Arts grew and led him to Cardiff where he enrolled for his degree in Drama, Theatre and Media at the University of Glamorgan. Shortly after his University graduation, Steve became close friends with coursemate and colleague; Minty Booth. It was during a social get together that Steve and Minty came up with the idea to start Clock Tower Theatre Company in 2013.

Steve has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of running a Theatre Company over the past 18 months, and is looking forward to leading Clock Tower in many new directions as they continue to grow and develop.

Minty Booth

Associate Artist

I love theatre! Always have done! I first got ‘bitten’ by ‘the bug’ when I was about 3 years old- it was the Christmas play at my playgroup and I was a reindeer. The girl next to me was ‘child holding incredibly large present’ and kept sucking the wrapping paper and ended up with a green chin. It was then that I knew. I had found my true calling.

Fifteen years and some A Levels later I’m on my way to Cardiff, where I ended up with a first class degree in Theatre and Media from the University of Glamorgan specialising in theatre technology.

I’ve very happy to have lots of experience in all theatrical disciplines- from performing at Edinburgh and the Tate Modern and having varied degrees of input into the shows Clock Tower Theatre Company has produced. It’s really great to be a part of, and I hope it’s all really great to watch as well!

Joe Burke

Associate Artist

Hi there I’m Joe, I moved to Cardiff only around 6 months ago so I’m still a relatively fresh face around here, but I’m absolutely loving it! I joined Clock Tower because I’m passionate about new writing and encouraging the work of undiscovered writers to be performed and seen by all.

Within Clock Tower I focus on building up relationships with local schools, theatres and arts organisations to make sure that when we shout about the fantastic artists we represent, as many people as possible are able to hear it.

I’m also responsible for running Clock Tower’s sister company Thirsty Bird. In my spare time I like espresso martinis and getting caught in the rain.

Isabelle Paige


Isabelle is primarily an actor-singer. Early on in her career she had the (somewhat flukey) experience of co-producing a sell-out show in the Edinburgh Fringe; she is unlikely to ever be so lucky again, but won’t stop trying dammit. She is a co-director of the Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival. She values theatre because it is the closest you can get to walking in another person’s shoes. During downtime she likes to eat Nutella with a spoon while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.