Don't Send Flowers

Don't Send Flowers by Emily Garside

Talking about it only makes things worse. And talking about anything else sometimes makes things better. Finding herself sent to therapy to talk about the one thing she’d rather not talk about was Grace’s worst nightmare. Instead she finds two people who also don’t want to talk about it.

About Emily Garside
Having trained in Montreal and later RADA, Emily abandoned theatre and writing to become an academic. On returning to playwriting after completing her PhD, she was a part of The Other Room’s Young Artists Festival in 2016. Following this her short play 'Always Tuesday' was performed at the Southwark Playhouse (2017). She was part of Dirty Protest's 'Election Night Special' in 2017 and was part of Chippy Lane's 2017 scratch night with 'Party Like it's 1985'. She is currently working on a commissioned piece drawing on her academic research into HIV/AIDS and performance. In her professional life she now bridges the creative and academic with her work as a dramaturg and theatre researcher.

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