Clock Tower Theatre Company is based in Cardiff and endeavours to make theatre and the arts accessible to all. Thanks to the genius of Jonathan Dunn at jonathandunn.net Media Production, CTTC has a spectacular new online home. Make yourselves comfortable and feel free to peruse some of the glorious innards of our beautiful estate. Feedback is always welcome via the form just down there.

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“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”
Terrence Mann

Kiln 3 – Your Space

Our flagship enterprise KILN has been going for over a year now and we’re about to put on our 10th KILN show. We’re immensely proud of the work that we’ve produced from it, we’d love to share it with you! Find out more about the new series of Kiln here.



Death and the Monster
This is the full video of our production of Death and the Monster by Rick Allden, performed as part of the Cardiff Comedy Festival 2014.

The Demon Groove
The Demon Groove was an original entry by local writer Lewiss Norman as part of Clock Tower Theatre Company’s spooky Month of Madness series in October 2014.

The First Anniversary
On the first anniversary of Clock Tower Theatre Company, Lynsey Gunning sat down with Company Directors Steve Bennett & Minty Booth to chat about their journey so far.

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The lovely people of Big Loop have a new show, you should all go and see it because they've told you and it's got a nice picture with face flowers in it. ... See MoreSee Less

Flowers - Big Loop Theatre Company

June 8, 2017, 8:00pm


Big Loop Theatre Company presents... ////\\\\\ Flowers ////\\\\\ Thursday 8th June Friday 9th June Saturday 10th June /////\\\\\ When their parents mysteriously disappear, Billy and Danny are le...

Audition Call: ‘Service!’ (Series 1)
Cardiff performances and Edinburgh Fringe Run

Clock Tower Theatre Company in conjunction with Infini Productions are looking for an actor to join the cast of ‘Service!’ (Series 1) for Cardiff and Edinburgh performances this year. The audition is on Thursday 6th April @ Little Man Coffee Co between 5-8.30pm.

We’re looking for a Male with a playing age of 18-35 to play ‘Marshall’ who is free for the following dates:

25th May (PM), 1st June (PM), 8th June (PM), 13th June (PM), 15th June (PM), 20th June (PM), 22nd June (PM), 2nd July (Day), 4th July (PM), 6th July (PM), 7th July (PM), 8th July (PM), 30th July (Day) and August 2nd-27th at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh accommodation, travel and expenses will be covered. Rehearsals and Cardiff performances will not be paid.
You will need to be available for all dates above to audition.

You won’t need to prepare anything for the audition, you’ll read excerpts from the script alongside another actor. Please email clocktowertc@gmail.com for an audition slot before Saturday 1st April, with your details and any additional information for the audition.
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Come on down and challenge your cultural knowledge on Friday 24th March!
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A Quiz! A Quiz! My Coffee Shop for a ________ !

March 24, 2017, 7:00pm

The Little Man Coffee Co

A quiz on theatre, film, actors, and ______ ? Hosted by Steve from Clocktower fame - Prizes include 4x £50 vouchers for venue booking, cake vouchers, beer tokens, and a wooden spoon.

This ... See MoreSee Less

ONLY 6 DAYS TO GO!! Until the What The Dickens? Scratch Night!! Today, to raise awareness of Dickens, we're providing a Dickens-themed haiku for your enjoyment. CHARLES J. H. DICKENS WAS A BIT OF ...

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That thirsty bird flies again! Go along and support them next week, it promises to be a great night! ... See MoreSee Less

What The Dickens?

March 2, 2017, 7:00pm

Dickens of Charles Street

Join us at Cardiff's one and only Dickensian Cafe for a night of new writing, and Victorian shenanigans! What The Dickens will be an evening celebrating the work of Charles Dickens through the medium...

Come along to this next week, it's a great way to start getting into the Fringe spirit whilst the application window is open! ... See MoreSee Less

Cardiff Fringe Cafe - Darius Nash and Tamar Williams, Stories for the Silver Tree

March 1, 2017, 7:00pm

The Gate

Cardiff Fringe Cafe presents a developmental showing of Stories for the Silver Tree by Darius Nash and Tamar Williams. Come along, enjoy the work, and be generous with your throughts and knowlege. ...



Meow! Helloooo! It’s meeee!!! William! The Clock Tower Pussycat! As Grand Vizier of Clock Tower Theatre Company’s electronic activities, allow me to be the first to welcome you to this website! Here you can look at words and pictures.

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